The Philosophy

The life of the winemaker follows the rhythms that nature dictates to him.
This slowness that contrasts with the frenzy of our times, allows him to appreciate what surrounds him. Our approach to nature is aimed at its respect, by interpreting the needs of the plant we know how to care for it and how to intervene.
The bond that is created allows us to obtain a healthy and sustainable product, a fundamental basis for our wines.

In the vineyard we maintain biodiversity by choosing not to use chemical herbicides, preferring the mechanical working of the inter-row, thus favoring the oxygenation of the soil by limiting water stress. In order to control the development of insects harmful to the vine, such as the moth, we adopt the technique of sexual confusion; a method that allows us to avoid the use of insecticides harmful to the ecosystem. The soil of morainic origin is sedimentary in nature and consists of silt, clay and sand that create a typical and characteristic terroir of the Pozzolengo area.

After the harvest, the work continues in the cellar, vinifying our grapes in steel and cement tanks at a controlled temperature, carefully and reasonably managing the use of sulphites and keeping them at low levels.

In the cellar our work aims to preserve the integrity of the organoleptic components of the grape in order to let the customer relives the long year of work in the vineyard, in every sip. Our greatest ally is time which gives our wines the full expression of their character.

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