The Legend

The name Antico Gelso derives from the presence of a centuries-old mulberry rich in memories, guardian of the vineyards and symbol of change.

By pure chance, during the rearrangement of the attic of the farmhouse, we found an old book by grandfather Albano "Steps chosen by the metamorphoses" by the Latin poet Ovid. Leafing through it we discovered the beautiful legend that lies behind the mulberry tree. The protagonists Piramus and Thisbe, two lovers, neighbors, unable to see each other due to the hostility of the families, whispered sweet words of love through a crack created in the dividing wall of the two houses. The desire to meet between the two, grew more and more, leading them to deceive family members by organizing a meeting.

As soon as darkness came, Thisbe covered by a veil reached the point where they had arranged to meet, near a source at the foot of a very tall mulberry tree. Thisbe, while waiting for Pyramus, was frightened by a lioness who came to drink; escaping she lost the veil that was torn and stained with blood by the fair. Pyramus, who arrived later, saw the bloody veil and was desperate for his beloved for not having arrived in time. Believing her dead, unable to live without her, he decided to take his own life with the sword. when Thisbe saw him dying, she threw herself on him and decided to follow him into death. The mulberry witnessed the terrible epilogue, in front of these wounds of love (in Latin amoris vulnus) and it changed its fruit from white to red. Their prayers moved the gods who kept the mulberry blackberries dark.

This legend inspired the names of our wines and made a plant we are very fond of, even more special.

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